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What We Do

We work with landlords nationwide in housing those who require emergency temporary accommodation. These are individuals or families who sometimes come under hard times, especially with the current living crisis and current economic climate. They are normal people like you and I, who urgently need safe and suitable housing for them and their families. Unfortunately, they are forced to make a hard choice and turn to their local council for help. However, there is a huge unbalance developing. Local councils are in urgent need of temporary emergency accommodation, they simply do not have enough to facilitate the demand. This is where CJO Homes come in, we bridge that gap, from when the families first approach their local council to when the council can provide them permanent, long-term housing.

What We Do

Landlord Benefits

In return landlords receive guaranteed regular monthly rent, irrelevant if it is occupied or not. The scheme is funded through the government with the aim to improve access to longer-term affordable and good quality housing with tenancy support in the private rented sector. The scheme, managed by CJO Homes, will offer a significant range of support services and benefits to the applicant and to the private landlord, with the aim of making the tenancy successful for both parties. The scheme offers a full property management package including repairs and maintenance and guaranteed rental income.


We recognise that some landlords may have experienced difficulties in renting to our target groups in the past. We have therefore developed a package of benefits to alleviate some of these concerns and demonstrate the importance we place on the involvement of private sector landlords in the scheme.

  • We offer a guaranteed fixed rent even if the tenant decides to move and the property is empty. Payments will be made directly to the landlord by CJO Homes, the amount that you will receive will be agreed prior to commencement of the contract.

  • Support will be available throughout our agreement, no need for any contact with the tenant. There are regular property inspections and maintenance. The property will be returned to you in the same condition.

  • You will not be required to undertake any repairs or maintenance works or carry out yearly gas safety inspections, five yearly electrical testing (if they fall within the lease period) as this will be undertaken by us.  If there is any tenant damage, this will also be rectified at no cost or inconvenience to you.

  • Contracts can be completed within a day or two. Tenants can be moved in within the next day or two – cash paid up front.


If you would like to discuss this scheme in more detail, please click the link below.

Landlord Benefits

Property Requirements

CJO Homes will assist and help in obtaining the information below where applicable. 


What we require from you:

  • Provide Gas, Electrical and Energy Performance/Safety certificates – less 6-month-old.

  • An asbestos survey (conducted by the LA) will be required.

  • Provide Buildings Insurance (including Public Liability).

  • Meet mandatory property standard requirements set by UK Government.

  • Provide Copy of Land Registry to confirm ownership of property.


Be responsible for paying any service charges related to the property and any external works to the property. You will be required to carry out any structural repairs that may occur during the period of the lease, for example: roofing repairs.

Property Requirements
Properties are required to meet the following minimum standards:
  • The property must be structurally stable and free from disrepair.

  • The property must be free from damp.

  • The staircase and balustrade must be safe.

  • The property must have adequate fire alarms.

  • Mains powered smoke detectors must be installed on each floor.

  • Gas, solid fuel or oil service and safety certificates must be up to date (certificates close to expiry may not be accepted).

  • Electrical lighting and power installations must have been checked and certified safe by an appropriately qualified person.

  • External doors and windows must give a reasonable level of physical security.

  • If there is a garden it must be easy to maintain, reasonably private, safe, and suitable for young children to play in.

  • The heating system must be EPC E or above (LA’s will advise on grants available to bring the property up to the agreed standard and/or to increase the EPC rating to a C).

  • External doors and windows must be adequately draught proofed.

  • The hot water tank must be effectively insulated.

  • There must be mechanical extract ventilation in the kitchen and bathroom.

  • The kitchen should be in good working condition.

  • The bathroom and WC facilities should be in good working condition.

  • There should be a working shower (this can be an over bath shower).

  • We will provide white goods.

  • A CO alarm should be in each room where there is a gas appliance.

  • An asbestos survey (conducted by the LA) will be required.

  • Fire risk assessment is required (with exception of a self-contained house).

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