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CJO Properties

At CJO Properties we source and buy BMV properties that require restoration and modernisation. We look at locations nationwide that indicate strong capital growth for the future but also provides healthy annual cashflow. To add value and achieve maximum financial potential, we look to purchase properties that can facilitate HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupations).


You should know that BRRR stands for Buy, Refurbish, Refinance & Rent. However, CJO Homes does things differently. We like to Buy, Refurbish, Rent and then Refinance! Why? Because when you’ve rented out the property with a lease, the valuation of the property increases as with HMOs you get a commercial valuation!

CJO Properties will facilitate the entire process, utilising its power team to make this completely hands off and easy for you.


The process includes:

  1. Sourcing the properties

  2. Negotiating the price

  3. Setting up your company

  4. Finding the financial funding

  5. Legal process of purchasing the properties

  6. Access to our trust building team for property restoration

  7. Process of obtaining HMO licence

  8. Management and renting out property with guaranteed rent

  9. Refinancing to pull out equity


Based on your financial goals we can alter the property purchase to be more focused on either:

  1. Monthly cashflow

  2. Pulling out all of your investment/equity


If you’re interested in a joint venture or want to find out more information, please fill out the contact us form below.     

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